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Apple Cider Vinegar’s Impact on Blood Sugar

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vinegar reducing blood sugar in diabetes

As I mentioned in a blog post a few weeks back, I’m still experiencing the “Dawn Phenomenon”. My blood sugar has been rising 20-40 points while I sleep, which is unusual due to the fact that I’m fasting during this time. I used to be scared of getting low in my sleep – now ironically, it’s the opposite.

For the last several nights, I started taking Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets, because I read that they can reduce blood sugar levels. So can alcohol… but I felt like this was a more natural approach (not to mention better for my liver and kidneys), especially during the work week. : )

Here are my recent findings for vinegar’s impact on my blood sugar levels:

  • Night #1 – (2) Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets

*Went to bed at 100 and woke up at 138.

  • Night #2 – (4) Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets

*Went to bed at 121 and woke up at 128.

  • Night #3 – (5) Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets

*Went to bed at 128 and woke up at 125.

Maybe it’s because I have tried the vinegar long enough, but the consistency isn’t transparent. Taking 5 tablets to reduce my sugar level 3 points doesn’t seem like the answer for my Dawn Phenomenon.

Another Approach: Adjusting My Long-Lasting or Meal-Time Insulin…

My sister, Amy, recommended that I try taking my long-lasting insulin (Lantus) at noon – instead of 7 am – so that it lasts longer while I sleep. Then, when it beings losing its effectiveness, I’m awake in the morning to correct my higher blood sugar with Humalog, or my meal-time insulin.

Lately, I’ve been giving myself 1 unit of meal-time insulin (Humalog) before bed, which seems to do the trick. Friday night, it reduced my sugar levels 30 points and last night it reduced them 25 points…

So much fun, eh? I feel like this should be a math equation in high school. So much more relevant than calculus… : )