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No Vacation Days

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With Type One Diabetes, there are simply no vacation days from the disease. We must carb count and give ourselves insulin shots – every – single – day. And once you’re diagnosed, there’s no time for denial either. We are forced into shots on our tummies (my preferred injection spot) and counting carbohydrates at every meal – whether we like it or not.

I think it’s funny when people tell me, “I’m horrified of needles. I could NEVER give myself shots!” Well, I’m sure that if you came down with Type One, you’d conquer your fear and start giving yourself shots. Would you rather lose your eyesight and experience kidney failure OR give yourself insulin shots? Okay, maybe that was a little harsh. : )

I recently went to Type One Nation by JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) in Irvine, CA, and there was an inspiring testimonial of a young lady with Type One Diabetes. She volunteered to do a week-long trial for an artificial pancreas during her Spring Break from college. She skipped going on vacation with her college friends to do this clinical trial in a hospital on the East Coast.  And after it was over, she said, “It was the best vacation I’d ever had.”

That statement still gives me shivers. It gives so much hope to those affected by Type One Diabetes with the recent advancements that JDRF is working on. From the artificial pancreas to smart insulin and encapsulation, there are quite a few new treatments for Type One Diabetes that are currently being created and tested. I will save that for another blog post. : )





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