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I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Had Hypoglycemia

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type one diabetes hypoglycemia symptoms

Hypoglycemia feels awful and the lower, the worse.

This morning, as I wrapped up physical therapy, my blood sugar was at 57. I could tell it was low because my hands started to get shaky. I usually don’t get sweaty – just shaky and weak.

As I was leaving the office, I needed to get a letter from my Doctor to give to my HR department at work. I asked the receptionist and waited for her to put something together. Blame it on the low blood sugar, but I was already irritated and in a scurry to get to work. After 10 minutes, she gave me 3 copies of the letter and out the door I walked.

As I started for my car, I looked at the letter and noticed she had spelled my last name “Tinder” instead of “Tiner”. Normally, I would have thought it was funny, but not in my current state of hypoglycemia. {Was she just on Tinder? … Is that why I’m going to be late to work?} So back to the office I went and asked her to correct my name – very frustrated. I sat down in the waiting area and ate some more smarties.

I was still irritated on my way to work, but I could start to feel my blood sugar climb to a normal level. By the time I got to my desk, I was feeling great! Or, maybe it was the iced coffee from Starbucks left next to my computer? Who knows… All I know is that I’m sorry for what I said when I had hypoglycemia.