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Insulin Mathematics

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type one diabetes meal plans

Shots, Shots, Shots

It’s just like the song, right?!


Since I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes on April 17, 2015, I have been taking 2 types of insulin – Lantus (long lasting) and Humalog (for my meal-time insulin). Because I’m newly diagnosed, I’m most likely in my “honeymoon” phase; therefore, my insulin needs and dosages are expected to increase over the next several months. The honeymoon period can last several months (I’m estimating up to 6 months from my sister’s experience), in which your body doesn’t require as much insulin as it will in the future.

Right now, I take 12 units of Lantus at 7 am. Why in the morning? Because Lantus works best during the first several hours after you inject it. Therefore, I’d rather get low (hypoglycemia) during the daytime – rather than waking up in the middle of the night with low blood sugar – which usually results in the shakes and the sweats. It’s more comfortable and less worrisome for me this way.

For my mealtime insulin, my dosage all depends on what I’m eating. Since my diagnosis, I’ve been trying to eat lots of veggies, fruits, fiber, and protein.

Below is a sample 1-day food diary, which includes my meals and corresponding insulin dosages. As my first blog post, I wanted it to get into the nitty-gritty of inulin dosages with food types. Although everyone’s body is different, I hope it provides some insight for other Type One Diabetics. In addition, it’s also a great reference for me to look back upon – after my so-called “honeymoon” phase – to see how my dosages have changed!


Morning: (2 units)

  • 2 eggs
  • 1-2 sides of fruit

*If I’m between 70-90 in the morning, then I take less insulin (sometimes no insulin or just 1 unit). I usually wake up around 100-110, so I want to stay near that number; therefore, the 2 units will offset the carbs from the fruit.

AM Snack: (1 unit)

  • 1 apple
  • almonds

*If I’m between 160-180, then I’ll take 2 units with my AM snack. If I’m around 80-100, then I won’t take any insulin. Usually, I take 1 unit if I’m around 120. Again, this 1 unit will balance the carbs I consume from the apple.


Lunch: (2 units)

  • Large chicken salad


PM Snack: (1 unit)

  • apple
  • ice coffee with cream

*See AM snack (*) for insulin correction.


Dinner: (1-2 units)

  • salmon with veggies
  • handful of sweet potato or have’a chips
  • trader joe’s organic olive oil popcorn (dessert-time!)


Until next time,
Xo Ashley

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