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Happy Diaversary!

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type 1 diaversary

On Sunday, April 10th, I celebrated my 1-year Diaversary at 30 years young. Almost all Type Ones remember the exact date that they were diagnosed, unless maybe you were too small to comprehend what was going on. If that’s the case, your parents probably know…

Should Type One Diaversaries be celebrated?

The disease itself is definitely not something to celebrate, BUT looking back at how far you’ve come should earn a big applause – no matter how far you’ve come.

When I was diagnosed on Friday, 4/10/15, I knew very little about how to manage Type One Diabetes. Having an identical twin sister with the disease, I did know that you could get too low or too high – but the logistics of how many units of insulin to give yourself at meal-time or correct a high number was foreign to me. My knowledge was limited to: if you were too low, you needed carbs, fast. My sister, Amy, often times woke me up in the middle of the night raiding the kitchen. I would hear the refrigerator door open and knew Amy was too low – standing there drenched in sweat and shaking in the kitchen.

It’s amazing how fast a year flies.

My mom texted me on Sunday and asked me how I felt about it? Honestly, I feel like I’ve had the disease almost my entire life! I cannot imagine sitting down to eat a meal and not test my blood sugar or count the carbs on my plate. I do know how lucky I am. On my exact Diaversary, I attended JDRF’s Type One Nation at Hotel Irvine, in which I spent the day hearing from JDRF initiatives and other Type Ones, who shared their experiences, their frustrations, and their hope. I sat with 2 small girls at lunch, probably around 8 years old, who also had Type One. I watched them test their blood sugar, tell their parents their glucose levels, count the carbs on their plate, and collectively decide <with their parents> how many units of insulin to give themselves. It both warmed and broke my heart a little, as they’ve had to do this a lot longer than me, at such a young age. They were truly my heroes, as I watched them program their pumps together and begin to eat. Again, I am lucky.

Mentally, I’m in a great place.

I recently splurged on the Dexcom G5 CGM and I am obsessed! It’s truly the best visibility, as I’m able to see my glucose levels at all times, especially when I’m exercising.

Exercise is one of the best Diabetic medications for my sugar levels. 

An intense 60-minute cardio session will bring me down 100 points. I bring 2 sugar tablets to eat during my work-out, and try to begin with a glucose level of about 135.

My Insulin Regimen?

I’m on 2 types of insulin pens for my shots, which I prefer to give in my stomach. If I’m wearing a dress – or around people that I don’t know well – I’ll give the shot in my arm. I use Humalog for my bolus (meal-time) insulin and Tresiba for my basal (long-term) insulin.

I give myself about 1 unit of insulin for every 10 carbs I plan to eat, typically about 20 minutes prior to eating. I try to stay away from processed carbs or sugars; therefore, I typically give myself 2-3 units per meal and 1-2 units per snack.  If I plan to exercise shortly after? I will cut my insulin injections in half.

For my long-term insulin, I give myself 10 units at 6 am in the morning, with a side of coffee. 🙂 The coffee requires 2 units of Humalog, as caffeine will raise my glucose levels about 40 points.

Did you know that only 1/3 of a percent of the US population has Type One? Now, that’s special!

Until next time!