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Finger Prickin’

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type one diabetes finger pricks

During my last Doctor’s visit, he made the comment that I’m testing my blood sugar levels quite frequently. The Glooko app also confirmed my constant finger pricking, as I’m averaging a little over 9 pricks a day. Ouch! Good thing I have good health insurance, as buying these test strips without a prescription are over $1 a strip!

Yes, these frequent finger pricks hurt (sometimes more than others) and make the tips of my fingers rather sore; however, continually knowing my sugar levels means more insight into my body and its glucose levels. Maybe it’s because I’m new at being a Type 1 and fear the unknown? Maybe it’s my Type A nature? Either way, it gives me a sense of control over this whole “diabetes” situation…

Looking forward to a continuous glucose monitor. : )

Happy Thursday,