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New Technology for a Promising Future

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diabetes research study

About my First Type 1 Diabetes Research Study

About a month ago, I participated in a paid Type 1 Diabetes Research Study to give my opinion about new technology that’s in development. I signed a NDA agreement, so unfortunately, I can’t go into details about this technology – what it is, what it does, who is making it – but the study itself was very promising in regards to new hardware and software that’s in the works for Juvenile Diabetes.

I’ll give you some hints though – (1) it wasn’t an artificial pancreas, (2) a component of it was an app for your phone, and (3) the technology is being developed by a well-known medical device company for Type 1 Diabetes.

Now, I’m not writing this blog entry to tease any Type 1 Diabetics, but merely to inform (and excite you!) about new technology that <hopefully!> we can take advantage of soon! Another bonus was that in the beginning of the study, I got to chat with a Type 1 expert and my personal experiences with it. She was SO knowledgeable about Type 1 and even let me bounce some ideas off of her: the dawn phenomenon, my family history, symptoms leading up to my diagnosis, etc. She even informed me that I shouldn’t be pricking the middle of my fingers, as they’re the most tender part (um, news to me!). However, the most instrumental and memorable thing she said was that she was confident that an artificial pancreas would be released in her lifetime. Granite, she wasn’t that old, but the comment itself was very reassuring – to say the least. : )

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