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Follow The Money…

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glooko glucose monitoring device

As the saying from All The President’s Men holds, if you want to get to the bottom of something, “follow the money.”

In the latest quarterly report from Medtronic, I noticed this largest multinational company had recently funded Glooko, a type 1 diabetes monitoring software. Along with Medtronic, IBM Watson Health, an extension of IBM, participated in the $16.5 million Series B funding.

As I was curious to see what Medtronic & IBM was funding, I visited the Glooko website.

Glooko’s overview video impressed me.

I always thought the current interface of glucose readers is fairly limited as it doesn’t display a comprehensive macro view of past levels.

Currently, glucose reader displays focus on single readings, but how does these testings compare to an extended date range?

Glooko seemed solve this problem as it was able to display selected date ranges with the high and lows by time of day. Additionally, Glooko allowed users to record eating habits, which could help individuals better understand how their food may impact their levels over an extended time period. As Glooko appeared to be cutting edge and it had already attracted the investments of two large multinational companies, I decided to follow the money and share it with my wife.

My wife also liked Glooko’s overview and we decided to spend the $59.95/year ($4.95/month) to test out the new product.

To learn about her experience, check out “Going ‘Goo Goo’ for Glooko!”