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How Low Can You Gooo

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type 1 diabetes and low blood sugar levels

Low Blood Sugar and Cleaning out the Refrigerator

Last night was rough. I over-corrected my 170 blood sugar after dinner and ended up at 40 at 11 pm. Which led me to my happy place with shaky hands and sweaty palms: the refrigerator.

However, I was well-behaved at this point. I ate a handful of grapes and went back to bed. Feeling worse (i.e. lower) 5 minutes later, I went back to the refrigerator where I did some major damage. Mint gelato, a pumpkin bar, a slice of pineapple, and a vegan cookie couldn’t get in my bloodstream fast enough.

At this point, I knew I was going to be high afterwards, but I didn’t care. But then, thinking more clearly, I thought – I’ll set my alarm clock for 12 am and check my new blood sugar level in an hour to correct myself. BRILLIANT.

However, I slept through my alarm (who am I kidding?), so I woke up naturally at 4 am and decided to check it. My meter read 256. ARG. So, I gave myself 3 units and went back to bed, and awakened to a 60 glucose reading at 6:30 am. I was actually shocked that 3 units brought me down that low…

All Type 1’s have a rough night here and there. However, I really want to get a Dexcom G5 for Christmas. Sounds like a fancy car, right? Not so much…

The Dexcom G5 is a continuous glucose monitor that constantly monitors your blood sugar levels to see how you’re “trending” – going up, going down, or staying the same. However, with my PPO insurance, it’s a pretty penny, but hopefully, it will allow me to live a healthier, longer life with less highs and lows. : )

More exciting Type 1 news coming soon! I can’t wait to share. : )

Xo Ashley