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The Holidays: The Struggle Is Real.

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Well, I have to admit it: I never thought that my primary New Year’s resolution would stem around healthy glucose levels. This year, that’s my main focus – and it will probably be for the rest of my life.

For Type 1 Diabetics, the Holiday struggle is real. There are so many desserts and carbohydrates centered around work parties, Christmas dinners, and other celebrations that you must have strict discipline in order to maintain healthy glucose levels.

2015 was my first year with Type 1 Diabetes during the Holidays and it definitely was a struggle for me. A lot of highs – a few lows – and constant finger pricks and insulin shots to keep my levels (somewhat) healthy. Over the last 2 weeks, I definitely did not have the discipline that I usually do. I consciously indulged in sweet desserts and tasty drinks, and my glucose levels suffered. My highest was 282 (last night in fact), and my lowest was 45 (Christmas Eve at 4 am). And, with a January 19th doctor’s appointment around the corner with a new A1C test, I admit that I’m a little nervous to see the results!

But today is Monday – the first Monday of the year – and I’ve never been more ready to get back on track! How will I accomplish my New Year’s goal? More veggies & protein, and less processed carbs. And how do I effectively do this? Buying the right foods at the grocery store and meal planning. Sounds easy, right? Not every day – all day! However, making healthy choices at restaurants and parties is doable too; it’s just learning to say no when you’re offered carbohydrate-dense food. Simply saying “I’m a diabetic” does wonders when people ask you to enjoy bread, cake, and beyond! No, I’m not a prude… it just doesn’t do a Diabetic body good. 🙂

Oh yes, and hopefully a Dexcom CGM to see how my glucose levels are trending!

Happy New Year to all my Types Ones! How are you going to stay healthy this year?