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Sugar, Sugar… Ah… Honey, Honey!

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carb counting and diabetes

Sugar, ah, honey, honey
You are my candy girl
And you got me wanting you.

I am sure a majority of you know this oldie but such a goodie (after all it is Throwback Thursday…). No matter what generation you are growing up in, there’s nothing like a classic song that can connect you to other age groups. One advantage of time progressing is the improvements in diabetic treatments. As posted by Ashley here, so many Type One exciting enhancements are currently in the works to make life better (and easier) for those affected. I. Can’t. Wait.

One of my pet peeves being a Juvenile Diabetic is when someone says something related to, “not being able to eat this because it has a lot of sugar.” Well, to be completely honest, no one should eat products with a lot of sugar. It’s just not healthy for anyone, whether you’re diabetic or not. But being Type One isn’t all about SUGAR (and trust me; this won’t be the last time I have to explain this). Without any active Beta Cells, Type One’s count carbohydrates (“carbs”) to inject the appropriate amount of insulin to counter-act their food intake. Yes, sugar is a carb however sugar isn’t what we are counting all day long. It’s C-A-R-B-S!

My favorite example is when someone says, “Don’t worry – it’s sugar-free.” Well, 99.9% of the time, that doesn’t mean it is carb-free, which is what I am constantly concerned with. Next time you see a “sugar-free” stamped item at the grocery store, I’d like you to look at the grams of carbs it contains. I think you’ll be very surprised on what you see. With this being said, I was once those people who automatically linked Type One Diabetes to sugar intake, so I get the common (mistaken) ideology too! I just hope this brief background helps differentiate sugar versus carbs and how they both affect Type One’s.

Now let’s get back to my (sweet) song. Sugar, ah, honey, honey … I am so very thankful singing about sugar doesn’t raise my blood sugar!

XO, Amy