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No More Shots?

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Finger Pricking and insulin shots are daily routines that Type 1 Diabetics experience. However, what if there was only finger pricking and no shots?

afrezza inhalable insulin



Recently, Afrezza – an inhaled insulin – has breathed new life into the daily habits of Type 1 Diabetics. Afrezza, an inhaled insulin, is meant to replace bolus or mealtime insulin. Although it not does not replace basal or long-lasting insulin, Afrezza works as a rapid acting inhaled insulin and helps improve blood sugar management.

This is not the first time that an inhalable insulin has reached general public. In 2006, Pfizer sold Exubera, a powdered form of human insulin that was inhalable through a long container, which was not very portable.




After one year, Pfizer stopped selling Exubera because it was significantly more expensive than traditional bolus insulin and did not receive a lot of use. Looking at the picture above, one can only wonder why?

In 2009, Mankind, a California based biomedical company, filed for a NDA and worked to bring Afrezza to the market. After several years of research, testing, and development, Afrezza received FDA approval for general public sale in June 2014. The product as rolled out to public use over the last few months.

As Afrezza continues to be used by Type 1 Diabetes, it will be interesting to see if this will last as a long-term effective blood sugar management tool. After reading some online blogs, it appears that not all insurance programs are covering this Type 1 Diabetes management tool or that endocrinologists are willing to recommend it as a replacement for bolus insulin.