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National Donut Day!

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In my former pre-diabetic life, today was one of my favorite days! No, not really… okay, maybe a little bit. : ) I mean, doesn’t everyone love a big, sugary donut?!

As I grew older (and wiser), this love turned to lust. The initial feeling of a great donut is wonderful, but its after effects are brutal! Over the years, I learned that the crash from a donut’s high was just not worth it. Now, I prefer small bites, or better yet, a donut hole. Smaller is just better when it comes to these sugary sweets.

If you’re thinking, “Did she become Type One Diabetic because she ate too many donuts?” … No, I did not. And these days, I still enjoy an occasional bite – complemented by the perfect insulin shot.

Happy National Donut Day!

TGIF, Ashley