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Medical ID Jewelry

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diabetes emergency ID bracelet

A couple of weeks ago, my amazing hubby bought me one of my most important accessories for our 6-month anniversary. It’s not from Tiffany’s, but it is a lot more useful than a pretty blue box.

Being a Type 1 diabetic that is constantly on the go, it was a medical ID / emergency bracelet that includes important life-or-death information: my name, (2) ICE phone numbers, and my medical condition of Type 1 Diabetes. That way, if something happens to me and I’m in an unconscious state, bystanders and medical responders will be aware of my medical condition and assist as needed.

I’m not anticipating something bad to happen to me, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! This medical ID bracelet is great especially if you like to exercise by yourself. Not to mention, it’s pretty stylish with its rose gold color. : )

*Please note, I did blur the phone numbers intentionally, for all you prank callers… : )