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JDRF Brings Hope To Type 1 Diabetes

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Introducing Type One Nation


On Sunday, April 19, 2015, my husband and I had the privilege of attending JDRF’s Annual Type One Nation Event at Hotel Irvine. It was a great, educational event for Type Ones to learn about the advancements in healthcare, see different pump options, hear from industry specialists, and attend small group seminars – in addition to mingling with other people affected by your same disease. {I admit it. I get so excited when I meet other Type Ones!}

Being newly diagnosed with Type One Diabetes – just 2 days prior to the event – this was the perfect event to learn about Diabetes management. My favorite speaker was Gary Scheiner, Owner and Clinical Director of Integrated Diabetes Services, who spoke about how Diabetes care has evolved over the last 30 years – especially today. (He also wrote “Think Like A Pancreas” which I’m currently in the middle of reading.) Gary is also a Type One Diabetic and described the 3 healthcare advancements below.

And while most Type One Diabetics have heard about the artificial pancreas, you’ll see that the other 2 developments are quite promising too!


The Infamous Artificial Pancreas

The artificial pancreas is the latest version of a device that researchers have been fine tuning for years. The device includes an insulin pump and a glucose sensor that stops insulin delivery when blood glucose reaches a preset level. By automating detection of blood sugar levels and delivery of insulin in response to those levels, an artificial pancreas will transform the lives of people with Type 1 Diabetes.

Like a normal pancreas, AP systems will react to rising blood-glucose levels by combining monitoring technology with insulin pumps to provide the right amount of insulin at the right time. Not only will AP systems result in much tighter control, lowering the risk of health complications later in life, they will also reduce the constant worry about blood-sugar level,s and what must be done to manage them.


Smart Insulin

Smart insulin is a form of insulin that circulates in the bloodstream and turns on when it’s needed to lower blood sugars and off when blood sugars are at safe levels. While still years away from becoming a treatment, smart insulin will, with continued JDRF investment, become another life-changing therapy for those with T1D.


Encapsulated Cell Therapy

Encapsulated cell therapy has the potential to virtually eliminate the relentless daily management burden for those living with T1D: no need for multiple daily insulin injections or pump therapy, no more constant blood testing, and no more carb counting. People with T1D would just go about their daily lives for extended periods of time as if they didn’t even have the disease. With encapsulation, new beta cells are created and wrapped in a permeable, protective barrier which is implanted in the body. The new beta cells release insulin when needed while the barrier protects them from being destroyed by the autoimmune attack.

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