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Happy 2 Months!

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I promise I won’t do this every month; however, today is my 2-month anniversary from being officially diagnosed as Type 1! {Does that deserve an exclamation point? Am I excited about it? Well, no – but I need some positive vibes about this new life circumstance.}

To be quite honest, I feel like I’ve had this disease a lot longer than 2 months. It’s become such a big part of my daily routine that it seems like a faint memory when I only counted carbs to look good for a wedding or tropical vacation. Now, I have my “survival pack” beside me at every breakfast, in which I test my blood sugar, give myself a Lantus shot, count the carbs I’m about to consume, give myself a Humalog shot, and then begin to chow.

I do, sometimes, forget that I have the disease – even if it’s only for 2 minutes. This usually happens when I eat some carbs later in the day that requires insulin and I think to myself after indulging, “Oops! What’s my blood sugar at? Do I need a shot for this?”

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot more lows than highs. In fact, I haven’t been over 160 during the last few weeks, which I’m pretty proud of. However, it’s challenging when I need insulin that’s not 1 or 2 units – meaning I need a ½ unit or 1.5 units for my blood sugar to truly be on “target”. With insulin pumps, you can give yourself insulin in these precise dosages, but with my Humalog pen, I can only give myself whole units right now. So, usually I end up giving myself that extra unit and hope I don’t go “low”.

Below is a recap of my Type 1 journey to-date:

  • 12 units of Lantus at 7 am every morning.
  • 1-3 units of Humalog throughout the rest of the day. I’m still “honeymooning” – which means by body is producing a little but of insulin (according to my test results). If I’m very restrictive about my carb intake, I don’t need any meal-time insulin at all.
  • I’m still experiencing the Dawn Phenomenon. I’ve tried taking vinegar tablets before bed, to reduce my blood sugar during the night, but I haven’t seen any consistent impact.
  • Now, if I’m over 130 before bed, I give myself a shot of Humalog. This usually puts me right around 100 when I wake up.
  • I don’t eat many sweets anymore. I used to indulge in sweets for company birthdays or at weddings, but now, I’m pretty careful about what sweets I have. If I do, it’s just a bite.
  • As I’ve conveyed in prior posts, I suffered a grade 3 and grade 2 sprain 10 days after I was diagnosed with Type 1, which has been a lot more traumatic on me emotionally. I’m an avid exerciser, so not being able to run, let alone walk, is tough. I can now walk without crutches and continue to dream about running. {Who knew I liked it so much?!}
  • I still get frustrated explaining to people what “Type 1 Diabetes is“. Most just think that it’s diet induced and that I can control it by “eating better”. I have a new appreciation for people who understand Type 1.
  • My family and friends continue to provide wonderful support. One of my best friends even suggested having a meeting with our group of friends to go over “what to do” if my sister or I fall in a coma.
  • I don’t judge people for eating sweets in front of me. Heck, if your pancreas works, go for it! But of course, don’t overdo it either. : )
  • I’m not as scared about going too low. I know when it’s happening and have smarties on hand, at all times.
  • I signed up for my first Type 1 Diabetes study this July! Glass half full – I get to participate and get paid for having this disease!

Happy Wednesday,

Xo Ashley