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Double D’s: Dating And Diabetes

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dating tips for type 1 diabetes

Since it’s officially Friday (yay!), many unattached Type One’s may be planning for a “date night.” Personally, dating with diabetes makes me extra anxious. Since I was officially diagnosed at the age of 23, it was something I had to learn how to do later in the game. And trust me; I am still learning six (amusing) years later.

Before becoming a diabetic, there wasn’t much to fret about besides the obvious – how I was going to do hair and what I was going to wear. Now, real first-date issues come to mind: Is there going to be food involved? How early do I tell my date – Date 1? Date 3? Date 5? Will he be turned off? Does he know anything about Type One?

I would definitely not consider myself a “serial dater”; however, I have taken many different approaches to dating with diabetes in regards to how I tell my potential suitor. In the past, I’ve gone out with men (up to a handful of times) who never even knew I was diabetic (they didn’t work out, and more importantly, I don’t recommend this approach at all). Others couldn’t stand the sight of needles (obviously they didn’t work out either…) and those who didn’t really understand the disease or care to learn were clearly not “the one”. It all comes down to men who are super supportive and proactive in adapting to my lifestyle (i.e. welcoming of continuous finger pricks and readily available snacks). These simple actions are immensely attractive to diabetics.

With all my experiences, I have learned a lot that I am sincerely grateful for today. Open communication is crucial. In any evolving relationship, if you don’t feel comfortable discussing something so pertinent like Type One Diabetes, there’s a bigger issue at hand. Are you scared he is going to be turned-off? Please don’t be. Most men aren’t deterred by Juvenile Diabetes. And if he happens to be? It’s time to move on to the next suitor. You’re a fighter and you deserve someone who wants to stand beside you (and your pancreas) too.

Thank God it’s Friday & date night! What is everyone wearing tonight?

Xo Amy