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Bread and Butter Dreams

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type one diabetes diet

If I got to pick my last meal on earth, my answer would be EASY. I wouldn’t go after a fancy steak, a high-end lobster dish or something (extra) deep fried. My top food preference is super simple – bread and butter.

Out of all the food choices out there, I can’t get enough of bread and butter. I honestly think I could eat loaf after loaf and still want more. Those bread baskets that many restaurants serve? Yes, please!

My intense craving for bread and butter could very likely stem from the fact that I don’t indulge in a lot of bread (or butter). Being a Type One Diabetic for almost 6 years now, my body just doesn’t process it well. Yes, there’s insulin invented for those naughty carb carvings; however, even with an extra injection, I still find my sugar levels thrown off. Any unstable sugar levels that I encounter are usually transmitted back to the foods that I had recently consumed. And don’t get me wrong, I am a pretty healthy person. However, sometimes being “pretty” healthy isn’t good enough for a Type One Diabetic. Perfect is better.

My identical twin sister, Ashley, was recently diagnosed with diabetes about one month ago. After being officially diagnosed as Type One, she was put on an insulin regime and has been a complete rock star these past 30+ days. Her numbers are always in range and almost continuously spot on her “target” number. Ashley is a great role model for all of us on why eating perfectly clean is best. Although she may still be in her Honeymoon phase, Ashley doesn’t rely on much Insulin to maintain healthy sugar levels. Click here to check out her daily meal plan which emphasis’s the most natural way to consume calories as a diabetic.

It’s human nature to strive for perfection in many aspects of life. For me, healthy blood sugar levels will continue to be one of my #1’s. And my standard 7-8 hours of sleep at night? Well, that’s when I can dream of unlimited bread baskets.

XO, Amy