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Dexcom’s New Continuous Glucose Monitor: G4 Plantinum System w/ Share

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continuous glucose monitor

At the start of this year, the FDA approved Dexcom’s latest model of its continuous glucose monitor, the Dexcom G4® Plantinum System with Share


A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a device that uses a glucose sensor or tiny electrode to measure the body’s glucose levels. A CGM takes multiple readings of the body’s glucose reading through the hour, which helps type 1 diabetes patients regulate their glucose levels and adjust their insulin levels. At this point, CGMs do not replace finger pricking, as they still require calibrating about every 12 hours.

Dexcom’s latest G4 looks promising, because of new features including:

  • 5-minute readouts of glucose levels
  • Ability to share data to an Apple iWatch and iPhone App via Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ability to share data to 5 other people, such as a doctor or family member

Imagine, if your glucose levels feel high and instead of pulling out a fingerstick to prick and test,  you can just look down on your wrist to see your current levels? With the latest G4 that is now possible! You could be playing soccer, relaxing on in a hammock, or in a business meeting and simply look down on your Apple Watch to see your glucose levels. Additionally, concerned parents could know their children’s current levels while they are away at school via the share functionality.


The G4 still requires pricking every 12 hours to calibrate the device and replacing the sensor every week or so. However, Dexcom’s technology integration with smart devices is a big step forward for Type-1 Diabetes management.

As Dexcom moves forward with future generations of G4 Devices, I wonder if they will call future models the G5 or the G6? If Dexcom does reach the G6 level, the brand may have to incorporate  the “Like a G6” lyrics into its efforts and hopefully more monumental advancements will be made.