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dexcom 4 continuous glucose monitor review

This past week has been extra memorable for me. I finally took the initiative and got a Continuous Glucose Monitor (“CGM”) and I am in L-O-V-E. After conversing with my Endocrinologist, I opted for the Dexcom4, which has been anything but amazing. I am completely obsessed to see how I am trending all day, every day. This continuous glucose monitor has been be SO insightful and has me now wondering why I didn’t get one sooner?!

I first want to summarize what a Continuous Glucose Monitor is, especially since I just found out about it recently. As depicted in the picture, a CGM is another device inserted into the skin, every week. Transmitting to a cell phone-like receiver, its function is to show how my sugar levels are trending: are they heading down. steady, or on the rise? It also gives me my estimated blood sugar, which on average has been 5-20 points off, which is exceptional in my opinion. Plus, I have reduced my daily finger pricks by about 50%. Who wouldn’t love that?!

Another amazing feature of the Dexcom4 is that is can be connected with cell phones and all readings can be shared. **ATTENTION** all concerned parents: your prayers have been answered! I will probably never hear my dad ask his routine question of, “how have your numbers been, sweetie?” because he can check them whenever he wants. With that being said, there’s alert settings too. If I get too low (55 or less), anyone who is “following me” can opt to get these alarm notifications. (A blessing or a curse, Mom?)

Some Notes from my 1st Week with my Love, Dexcom! 

  • I have been over-correcting some bedtime readings; therefore, I’ve been getting extra low in the night. (To my 6 followers – I apologize for all the recent late-night alarms!) With using an insulin pump, I am being reminded that I need to follow my pump settings to calculate any insulin needed. Last night was a success; I know this will get easier…
  • I did a lot better with blood sugar readings during the past weekend, because I am much more active than during the week. CONFIRMED – weekend shopping is cardio : )
  • I’ve been taking my Dexcom to my gym classes now. Working out can significantly reduce my sugar levels, so it’s much more comforting knowing where I am at in the middle of class, so I feel confident pushing myself the last 30 minutes of class without getting too low.
  • I never knew this before, but coffee increases my sugar levels, verified by my Dexcom (and my sister). Even though I use only one Splenda, the caffeine still makes it rise. I never knew that these past 6 years!
  • Last weekend, I attended a friend’s wedding and unintentionally left my Blood Glucose Meter at home. Realizing this right before dinner, I probably would have panicked if I hadn’t had my Dexcom. With my new CGM, I felt much more secure without having my actual meter with me.

To summarize, my first-week thoughts for the Dexcom4? BFF & Lifesaver.

XO, Amy