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Living Type 1:


Inspiring Hope, Support, and Smiles For Others Living With Type One Diabetes


Living Type 1 was created to inspire, educate, and provide hope to other young adults going through the chronic disease of Type One Diabetes. As identical twin sisters, Amy and I were diagnosed with Type One Diabetes as young adults. Amy was 23, and I was 29. Research shows that if one identical twin is diagnosed with Type One Diabetes, the other has a 50% chance of also developing the disease.

Here you’ll find our story, experiences, and common Type One topics, as well as hopeful new research studies and events. Some posts are happy; some are sad – but all offer connection and hope for Type One Diabetics. I hope you enjoy the posts as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Special Note: I can’t promise that every post will be related to Type One Diabetes. I may mix in an occasional {great} outfit or hairdo that I’m proud of. I hope you enjoy those posts, too.