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Did you SEE my A1C?!

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type 1 diabetes A1C

My First A1C Test On Bolus & Basal Insulin

A couple of weeks ago, I had my first 3-month A1C check-up with my Endocrinologist since being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 29 years old. In April 2015, my A1C average was 11%, which meant that my blood sugar levels were averaging 270. Hello cloudy vision, extreme thirst, sugar cravings, and weight loss! The weight loss was the only side effect that I actually enjoyed. It was the first time in my life I could eat whatever I wanted and lose weight, but I guess a 500 blood sugar level is not the way to go about it. : )

So, a few weeks ago, I fasted and had my blood taken for my new A1C test, which is a 3-month average of your blood sugar levels. As a new Type 1 Diabetic, I’m now on insulin, taking 3-4 shots a day of Humalog at mealtime, 1 shot of Lantus in the morning, and averaging about 8 finger pricks a day. Coupled with a lower carb diet, I was pretty hopeful going into the appointment.

The results? My new A1C average was 5.7, and my doctor was ecstatic. He’s like, “Did you see your new number?!” when he walked into the room. A big smile across his face, he assured me 5.7 was great – better yet, it’s a number comparable to a “normal” person. By that, he meant someone who has working beta cells. Nevertheless, I’d still like to bring that number down a tad, being on the high side of the “normal” person spectrum.

This doctor’s appointment was not only reassuring that my constant type A control over my sugar levels was paying off, it was SO motivating! Since then, I have diligent to keep my sugar levels between 80 – 140. Plus, I’m now able to exercise to bring down my sugar levels naturally – instead of an easy shot in the tummy. A 30-minute cardio session typically brings me down about 50 points – which is a great feeling – a long with those greatly missed endorphins!

Cheers to the next 3 months!

Xo, Ashley