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Happy 1 Month Birthday To Me!

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Today, May 17, 2015, is my one month anniversary of being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and starting my insulin injections. Below is a brief summary of how I’m doing – both mentally and physically.


  • Since starting insulin, my highest blood sugar has been roughly 250 mg. It was during my first week of taking insulin, or I like to call my “trial period.” However, with Type One, every day is different, so one thing that works for me today may not work the same way tomorrow. I’m getting used to it though, and being vulnerable.


  • I’m taking 12 units of long-lasting insulin a day (Lantus). See my post here for more details about my diet and insulin intake.


  • Emotionally, I get down on myself when my blood sugar is higher than 150. I feel like I’m damaging my body, so I’ve been measuring my blood sugar a lot to see whether I’m high or in the process of climbing. I test myself roughly 10 times a day.


  • My lowest blood sugar has been 55 – twice. Once at 3 am and another time at 9 pm. I now “know” when I’m getting low – shaky, sweating, and confused.


  • I absolutely hate the physically feeling of hypoglycemia, especially when I don’t want to eat and am forced to. However, when I’m low, I will eat anything (and everything), but I’ve been good about controlling myself and not consuming too many carbohydrates and becoming hyperglycemic.


  • I fear getting low in my sleep, but lately, I’ve been experiencing the “Dawn Phenomenon” so I’m less worried these past few nights.


  • Physically, I feel great when I’m working out. However, 2 weeks ago I sprained my ankle (a grade 3 complete ligament tear), so I’ve been exceptionally restless these days.


  • And even though it’s only temporary, my recent ankle injury has been a lot more traumatic on me – both physically and mentally – than Diabetes. I simply miss working out, being active, and being independent. Maybe it’s because I think I have a pretty good control of Diabetes… or maybe I’m just cocky for thinking that I do.


  • I’ve been my Endocrinologist 3 times over the last month – 1 for my diagnosis and 2 follow-up appointments to review my blood sugar numbers. He’s impressed with my progress (and that I have perfect Cholesterol!).


  • According to my recent labs, I still have a few beta cells that are producing insulin. Most people do when they’re first diagnosed, as this is called the “honeymoon” period.


  • I have not baked since my diagnosis, which is very rare for me. I think I’m afraid of my lack of control around the cake batter or brownie mix. (And speaking of cake – I wish I could have a piece of that bow cake right now!).


  • My husband, family, and friends have been so supportive of my diagnosis – more than I could have ever imagined. I’m SO lucky to have them in my life!!!